What is a commercial building without a plan?

What is a commercial building? Planning is key when it comes to commercial property; the location, designation and purpose need to be carefully chosen in order to maximize the return on investment. A great range of service can be offered for these kind of buildings. Every part can be taken out from the clients hands, so that a turn-key project is realized within the given timeframe and budget. Design and construction capable of handling the stress that the specific situation and clime demand from it. Both exterior and interior will be taken care of on demand, every finish can be chosen and customized, as well as utility and safety systems may be installed. Upon delivery, the key is handed over and the client can move straight into their new premises. With careful planning this becomes reality before you know it.

commercial building plans

Many reasons for many types of users

A small selection of possible applications of modular commercial buildings, to give an idea of what these concepts are capable of. Read more, to get a filing of different posible plans for commercial buildings.


Temporary stores are gaining in popularity, a great solution for during a renovation or as pop up stores. Modular structures are a perfect fit when retail stores need to continue their sales activities even during a renovation or expansion of the current premises. Keeping regular clients by offering uninterrupted offer year-round, no matter the situation,


While many crafts are endangered, the needs of specialized craftsmen are continuously changing. Fast changing needs call for a modular approach when it comes to structural housing of these businesses. This modularity is perfect for office spaces too, where modern start-ups can expand explosively, other companies shrink in number of personnel due to automation.


Research projects are always temporary, ever changing needs are a given. Size, shape and purpose of modular structures are flexible and the materials are reusable. The time and resources saved can be of great impact to the research budget.

Marketing and exhibitions

When largely displaying the latest greatest in personal mobility, food, non-food, interior utilities or artworks, the perfect presentation plate is key. Neat glass and crisp materials with perfect lights will surround the product and make it look irresistible to potential clients. Costs and lead times are exceptionally low when choosing for modular building concepts. A perfect presentation, tailor made to the product at high cost effectiveness is what modularity stands for.

what is commercial building?

Are commercial and residetial compatible?

Using residential as commercial is usually in conflict with local and broader laws, however the conversion of commercial buildings into residential ones is gaining popularity in regions with housing shortages. This makes for an increase of pressure on the commercial building market, and businesses seek more and more for different solutions. Flexibility is one of the key features benefitting those who seek temporary or permanent space to conduct their business in. The ability to simply repurpose, reuse, modify or expand an existing modular structure is perfect for the modern day business type. Almost from one day to the next, the space can adapt to suit the current needs of almost any business type.

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