Charcoal pizza oven – more than just pizza

Charcoal pizza oven offers several stunning options for cooking, which extend way beyond just preparing pizza. With your new charcoal grill with pizza oven you will be able to efficiently and quickly prepare a variety of dishes:

  • any type of burgers (meat and vegetarian),
  • roasted steaks,
  • grilled fish,
  • a whole range of vegetables (zucchini, eggplants, asparagus, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, grilled onion, corn, cabbage etc.),
  • potatoes, prepared in the charcoal pizza oven, has a crunchy crust and is soft inside,
  • with the charcoal grill pizza oven you can prepare soups and broths,
  • charcoal grill with pizza oven works surprisingly well for desserts, like cakes and puddings,
  • outdoor charcoal pizza oven is perfect for seafood and other dishes, which leave a strong smell, which we don’t want in the indoor kitchen,
  • and with your charcoal grill pizza oven you can, of course, prepare a variety of interesting pizzas with an unforgettable taste.

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Charcoal grill with pizza oven for outdoor fun!

Charcoal pizza oven is a practical kitchen appliance, which offers a variety of culinary achievements and also enables you to spend more time outdoors. Due to our usually stressful lives and stationary jobs the experts stress the absolute need for more exercise, fresh air and relaxation in our everyday lives. With the charcoal pizza oven you can get all of that at once. Coming home from work and starting dinner might be a cause of more stress, but just imagine, that you could cook while you’re having fun with a charcoal oven and spending some quality time in the open with your family! You can! A high-quality charcoal grill with pizza oven offers a simple and quick way to prepare lunches and dinners of exquisite taste, there are numerous options and recipes, which means your menu will never get boring, and all of that while your moving around outside in your backyard!

Other advantages of outdoor charcoal pizza oven

When it comes to the benefits of charcoal pizza oven, we must first mention the taste! It’s a fact, that grilled food needs less spices, because grilling brings out the best in every dish and a subtle smoky flavour guides the rest of the flavours. With the charcoal grill with pizza oven you will thus not only simplify your life, but also make it more healthy, because you’ll use less oil, salt and artificial spices. Here less is more!

pizza oven charcoal

Furthermore, if you use charcoal pizza oven for cooking, you kitchen will stay clean and odour-free. You can still enjoy a nice smell of grilled, smoked or cooked food, which will stimulate your imagination and appetite, but there will be no lingering smell in your apartment, after you’ve finished your meal. We’re sure that you’ll also appreciate less oily stains and other spots which usually stay in the kitchen after cooking.

A charcoal grill with pizza oven offers a great way to entertain people. Gather your family and friends and amaze them with super-tasty pizza, burgers, steaks, fish or vegetables. We all love to be involved in food preparation and with charcoal pizza oven we can just observe or offer help in the process from the very beginning.

We’re sure that with the outdoor charcoal pizza oven you’ll extend your living-space and bring your living room outside. Even after a meal it’s nice to sit outside and have some coffee. You can build a comfortable sitting area around your grill and even add a roof and wind shields, with which you can prolong your outdoor fun to autumn!

Who can benefit from a charcoal pizza oven?

An answer to that is simple – everybody can benefit from a charcoal grill with pizza oven – it’s a perfect kitchen appliance for homes and also for restaurants, bars and catering services. With the charcoal pizza oven you can upgrade your restaurant and attract more guests, at the same time you’ll be able to expand your menu and even bring your cooking to a picnic. Just make sure to buy quality charcoal pizza oven, so that you investment will be fruitful and long-term.

Where to buy a high-quality charcoal grill with pizza oven

On today’s market there are a lot of charcoal grills with pizza oven available, but not all of them are of a sufficient quality. Because we’re taking about an investment, it’s always better to go for excellence – at a reasonable price, of course. You can get such charcoal pizza oven for sale at Kopaoven, for example. We offer several models, appropriate for homes and professional restaurants, you can choose between portable and stationary charcoal pizza ovens, several colours and sizes and additional equipment, but no matter which one you choose, you can rest assured, that all Kopaoven charcoal pizza ovens for sale are of an exceptional quality and build to last, simplify your life and improve the taste of any food.

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