Charcoal pizza oven for sale from a premium charcoal oven brand

Charcoal pizza oven for sale that has all the fav characteristics, but that doesn`t cost a vast fortune? That`s exactly what we at Kopa oven offer – a well designed, quality charcoal pizza ovens for sale at a very fair price. Our charcoal pizza oven is a great solution for someone trying to start its own charcoal oven restaurant – if you want compact size, high working temperature and modern, appealing design that will grace your kitchen walls, we`re the one to call. Kopa charcoal pizza oven will deliver smooth coal-fired pizzas in a few moments, but without the excessive heat usually associated with charcoal pizza ovens for sale.

charcoal pizza oven for sale

We also offer an outdoor charcoal pizza oven for pizza enthusiasts

Charcoal oven pizza lovers will probably praise outdoor charcoal pizza oven as the best pizza-making solution. Indeed, such a charcoal pizza oven is visually charming and spreads seductive smells of the pizza dough all across the place. We produce movable charcoal pizza ovens for sale with added wheels, which can be used outdoor for ambience. Since it`s low on the excess heat, and it features sparks flow-out protection, it can be stationed practically in front of guests. We`ve introduced separate storages for better safety and thorough organization, which will naturally result in even quicker pizza baking.

charcoal oven for pizza

Try using a charcoal grill pizza oven for barbeque-flavored pizza

Adding a grill to a charcoal pizza oven can produce even better results in full, roasted pizza flavour. The grills we use play in important part of warming the food and not only in spreading the roasting evenly. Some of our charcoal pizza ovens for sale include a built-in charcoal bbq, which is very successful in recreating open-air barbeque flavours inside the oven`s hood. Using a charcoal bbq with pizza oven you can get strong-flavoured pizza – excellent option if you like crisp bacon and crunchy dough edges.

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