Super ovens: Charcoal grill with pizza oven – Use charcoal grill as oven

The secret of every great chef using our charcoal grill oven isn’t in his recipes, but in the innovative charcoal grill oven made by KOPA. It capacities over exceed expectations of many. With our charcoal grill and oven there will be no more smoke and unbearable heat. Try our charcoal grill with pizza oven for the best prepared food ever. Your meat, vegetables and fish will be grilled quickly and your dishes will be succulent and super tasty. When not grilling, you can use charcoal grill as oven and really enjoy the charcoal taste of every prepared dish. Start with KOPA charcoal grill oven and you will never stop cooking.

charcoal grill with pizza oven solution for best grilling

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