Charcoal grill oven

Charcoal grill ovenCharcoal grill oven works as a perfect solution when you want to make grilled food on your own. Using a charcoal grill oven food preparation is easy, clean and fairly quick – your favourite roasted recipes will be ready in a blink of an eye. The charcoal lighting heater reaches working temperatures early, which gives the effect of an open-air grill. Want to have a go at home-made coal-fired pizza? With charcoal grill pizza oven you`ll get all the attributes of pizza baked in traditional fashion. Recently there has been a growing awareness of the advantages in preparing the dish with charcoal oven, so much that it is simulated in charcoal grill microwave oven – these swear to produce healthier meals, which are closer to the ones made with the real-deal charcoal grill oven.

Charcoal grill pizza oven gives authentic taste of coal-baked pizza

Do you favour pizza that`s soft in the middle, but crisp on the edges? Then look no other than charcoal grill pizza oven, which gives slices of pizza that simply melt in the mouth. Stainless steel charcoal grill – the oven`s essence in producing the intensive flavours – is responsible for that much loved softly burned pizza dough. It reproduces what is otherwise available in an outdoor charcoal oven or charcoal grill dutch ovens for camping, and that is strong, barbeque-like taste, but without the heat and the smoke. And with compact charcoal grill pizza oven you don`t need as much space – the coal consumption is minimum too.

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