Charcoal flavor in oven is amazing for any restaurant

Charcoal flavor in the oven is among the most recognizable flavors. It’s associated with picnics and evokes a feeling of summer, see and warm wind all year round. We can visit a restaurant which has the charcoal oven or we can decide to open our own “business” just for us, our family and friends and enjoy our time outside when we prepare food after a busy work day or on a lazy weekend. We’ll explain why charcoal oven flavor is unique and healthy, which food we can prepare with oven grill and what are your options when it comes to charcoal.

how to use charcoal oven

Which food to choose for achieving charcoal flavor in oven

Charcoal flavor in the oven makes us think of steaks, burgers, sausages, ribs and grilled vegetables, but we can use our charcoal baking oven for other dishes too. In the past year’s pizza has become a charcoal baking oven hit, but with the right appliance you can also achieve this wonderful and unique charcoal oven flavor with other dishes – try baked potatoes, casseroles, soups, stews, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and puddings. The charcoal oven flavor will not be overpowering, but you will receive a subtle smoky flavor, which does not require many other spices. The food, prepared in a charcoal baking oven will retain it’s healthy structure and will create a crunchy crust while the insides will be evenly cooked, soft, juicy and full of flavor.

how to get charcoal oven flavour

Charcoal flavor in oven for healthier lifestyle

A choice for charcoal oven flavor also means a choice for health. Food, prepared in a charcoal baking oven is healthier, because we don’t need too many other spices (charcoal oven flavor does the trick) and only a little or even no oil (depending on your preferences). Just be careful not to over burn your food, since burnt food has been associated with higher risk for cancer and some other health risks. Besides that, you could hardly find something healthier (and tastier) than the charcoal oven flavor!

How to use charcoal baking oven

Many new customers wonder how to use a charcoal oven, therefore we’ll explain the procedure and give some tips.

The charcoal oven (such as you can buy at Kopaoven) is user-friendly no matter if you use if at home or in a restaurant. The new charcoal oven grill must be cleaned to remove any dirt, that might occur during the charcoal oven construction, packaging or transportation. After you have cleaned it, light it and let it burn for a while (this will remove any remaining dirt). Use high-quality charcoal to avoid too much smoke. Always use protective gloves when handling fire to avoid burns. First lit a small fire (you can also use some paper if necessary), then scoop the coal with a metal spoon and add more charcoal. Be careful not to use to much fuel or your oven will be too hot. Control the temperature during cooking.

You have to clean your charcoal baking oven after every usage – scrape all the sides and racks, remove burnt remains, ashes and clean the glass. Every now and then (2 to 4 weeks, depending on how much you use it) we recommend a thorough cleaning, which will ensure grill’s longevity and constant, invariable charcoal oven flavor. When the oven is cool, remove the racks and clean them with a wire brush. With a softer brush scrub the insides well and sweep the dust into the burner. Then, using a wet cloth, wash all the walls of your oven. Empty the burner, remove the ash from the collector and reassemble your charcoal oven.

When cooking you can use a charcoal oven pretty much the same as a regular oven. It’s appropriate for most dishes and it conveniently combines a grill and an oven. It can reach higher temperatures, which is desirable if you’re preparing traditional Neapolitan pizza, but be careful if you’re using it for desserts (adjust the temperature or shorten baking time).

Which fuel to use for the best charcoal oven flavor

Opinions on that vary, so some trial and error might be needed until you find your own favorite. Some people prefer briquettes some lump wood, because briquettes can also contain fillers and contaminants, however the choice shouldn’t affect charcoal oven flavor. If you’re looking for the most natural option, go for charred oak, walnut, maple or hickory. The chunks are of irregular shape, because the wood is burned down naturally without accelerants or fillers, which means they are the closest thing to preparing charcoal yourself. Besides being completely natural, they are also made from renewable hardwoods, they light easily and burn clean. The remaining ash is scarce and you will be able to achieve the cooking temperature quickly (however, it burns shorter time).

On the other hand, there are some benefits of briquettes too. They can be used for cooking and heating and you’ll be able to achieve a nice charcoal oven flavor. They burn longer and more evenly and create lower temperatures. Another advantage is packaging – they take much less space, which is practical if your available storage is tight.


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