Charcoal fired oven – the traditional tool for preparing your food

Charcoal fired oven is a traditional oven solution, which dates a while back. The charcoal oven was used ever since coal became a main fossil fuel, which allowed big capacity and faster food preparation. Charcoal fired oven was widely used in bigger kitchens in facilities like cantinas and restaurants, all until it was pushed out by more modern gas and electric oven. However, recently it started to grow its share on the market due to high demand for coal-fired meals, such as coal-fired pizza. Kopa charcoal ovens are a result of our awareness of lifestyle trends, such as return to traditional values in food making.

What sets Kopa charcoal oven apart from traditional charcoal ovens

We designed Kopa charcoal oven to be a charcoal fired oven with a modern approach, found in high-end kitchen equipment. While it is a genuine charcoal lighting oven that`s ran on pure anthracite, it features technologically advanced options, previously unavailable in simple, portable outdoor charcoal ovens. The construction is carefully engineered, delivering a strong stainless steel cassis and a non-penetrable oven hood, which allows you to stand next to it when it reaches its full working temperature. Unlike charcoal fired ovens of the past, a Kopa charcoal oven is sleek and elegant – especially when sporting a wine-red media pan front end.

the charcoal oven

Is it possible to use a professional charcoal oven outdoor?

There are many no-thrills charcoal fired oven solutions, such as the Dutch oven, which are particularly convenient for an outdoor use. This way the food is coal-fired in the fresh air, which produces an authentic flavour. Due to the properties of the warming cabinet and powerful charcoal heater, Kopa charcoal oven reproduces the feel of an open-air grill with great accuracy. Also, if you`d like to use it on-set, we offer compact sized and portable charcoal oven models which perfectly fit open summer kitchens. We are the ultimate charcoal oven brand with the greatest range – so why not getting the best charcoal fired oven available.