Charcoal bbq with oven for versatile culinary experiences

Charcoal bbq with oven offers truly versatile culinary options for the whole family! With it you can prepare a number of dishes – from soups to main courses and desserts, and charcoal bbq with pizza oven can also be used for preparing this traditional Italian dish. Furthermore, you can choose a built in charcoal bbq with oven, if you’re planning to keep it in one place, or portable charcoal bbq oven if you want the freedom to move it from the house to you backyard whenever you feel like it. So, if you’re looking for something new and exciting, you might want to consider charcoal bbq oven. Let us tell you why!

Charcoal bbq oven as an addition to your kitchen

Charcoal bbq oven can be used as a regular kitchen appliance in your home. It’s easy to use and extremely practical. It behaves just like regular oven, but has many benefits. The most visible is the subtle smoky taste it gives to any food. With your new charcoal bbq with oven your cooking will become not only tastier, but also healthier. Food, prepared with charcoal bbq oven, needs less oil and less spices, because food marinades in its own natural juices, so too much salt would only mean a distraction from the food’s original taste.

Charcoal bbq with oven can also be used for heating your food and keeping it warm until you finish the whole meal.

What’s more – most contemporary designs are very appealing (such is, for example, the Kopaoven charcoal bbq oven design) and will represent a stylish (as well as practical) addition to your home.

charcoal bbq oven

Charcoal bbq with oven in your back yard

Everybody loves grilling and it’s difficult to imagine a better way to spend your Sunday than outside with your family and friends. Charcoal bbq with the oven is easy to use and it also heats up quickly.

Using charcoal bbq oven for preparing food outside has many benefits:

  • because our lives are often sedentary, most of us welcome the opportunity to do the necessary chores standing,
  • grilling with charcoal bbq oven is fun for everybody, and you will surely appreciate time, spent with your close ones; they can help you prepare the food or just observe the grilling process; in any way they will feel like a part of the cooking experience,
  • a lot of parents have a difficult time persuading their children to eat enough vegetables, but with the charcoal bbq with oven you can surprise them with something new and exciting – the taste of grilled vegetables is far from boring. It stays firm and crunchy and the feeling of “grilling party” will surely inspire even the pickiest eaters,
  • using an outside charcoal bbq with oven means you’re kitchen and whole home will remain odour-free, even if you prepare food, which leaves a strong smell (like fish and other sea food),
  • there is much less work and cleaning to be done after the meal. If you use an outside charcoal bbq oven, there will be no greasy spots on the floor or kitchen walls,
  • you can actually use your outside charcoal bbq with oven almost all year round, especially if you install some windbreakers around the cooking area,
  • if you add a comfortable sitting area and a big enough table, you can expand your living area to your yard too!

Charcoal bbq with oven in your restaurant

Portable or built-in charcoal bbq ovens are, of course, not designed just for personal use. They represent an amazing addition to any restaurant, which would like to surprise their guests. The smell of frilled food will attract people from streets away and with a charcoal bbq with pizza oven you can quickly become known as the place, where they serve pizzas, inspired by traditional tastes.

Charcoal bbq with oven enables you to prepare serious quantities of food quickly and it also offers a pleasant working conditions for your staff – the working counter is namely at the right height, it offers a lot of space and the cooks can also work outside.

portable charcoal oven with bbq

What can you prepare in your charcoal bbq oven?

When it comes to dishes, which can be prepared with the charcoal bbq oven, the sky is the limit. It works well for, maybe surprisingly, soups and stews, for classical burgers, hot dogs and steaks, for grilled vegetables, with it you can bake potatoes, pizzas, bread and even desserts. The selection does not end here – if you can imagine it, you can almost surely prepare it with a high quality and versatile charcoal bbq with oven.

For more ideas you can contact the company Kopaoven. Our mission is to upgrade boring everyday cooking and present stunning new possibilities, when it comes to preparing food. On our website you can also check all the models, which come with detailed technical information.

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