Charcoal bbq with oven – the best of both worlds

Charcoal bbq with oven offers a culinary experience like no other alternative, that much is obvious. But why? A traditional oven is a chamber, which has been thermally insulated to retain a high and stable temperature during the cooking process, which makes the food juicier. It’s used for baking, but also for heating and drying. Grills use the power of open fire, which gives food a distinctive, smoky flavour, most people crave. And charcoal bbq oven? Charcoal bbq with oven combines both – a tasty, smoky flavour and unmatched juiciness and thus unites the best features from both worlds.

Charcoal bbq oven portableWhy choose charcoal bbq oven?

There are many, many reasons which speak in favour of charcoal bbq oven. It’s a practical kitchen appliance, which can be used for a number of dishes. You can prepare succulent meat, tasty fish or fresh vegetables. You can use charcoal bbq with oven for preparing potatoes and even desserts. You’ve heard right – cakes and pastry, prepared in a charcoal bbq oven, are finished faster and have a surprisingly wonderful taste.

We’ve not come to the end of the list, regarding your charcoal bbq with oven options. If you chose charcoal bbq with pizza oven, you can also use it to prepare this popular Italian food. Preparing pizza in that way will not only offer a unique experience – food, prepared in the charcoal bbq with pizza oven, will also taste much better.

The temperature in a charcoal bbq oven is higher than in the traditional ones, which means that the food will be done faster. It retains most of the natural flavours and stays soft and tender. The flavour from charcoal oven has a distinctive smoky taste, associated with picnics, which means that we don’t need to use a lot of spices.

To summarize all the above said: food, prepared in a charcoal bbq oven, is tastier, juicier, healthier, ready faster and offers a unique experience.

Charcoal bbq with oven built inDo you have to choose only outside or inside charcoal bbq with oven?

Where some need their charcoal bbq with oven at one place, others might appreciate the option of a portable kitchen. Good news here – at Kopaoven you can choose among several models. We offer charcoal bbq ovens for restaurants and homes and you can decide for a portable charcoal bbq oven or built in charcoal bbq with oven. The latter can be stationed in the kitchen or yard, and you can place your portable charcoal bbq oven wherever you need it at the moment.

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