Built in charcoal bbq with oven

portable charcoal bbq ovenBuilt in charcoal bbq with oven greatly extends the possible flavour range you get out of your conventional oven. Ever wanted to make tandooris and tikkas on your own? With a proper charcoal bbq oven you can master it at your home. Using a built in charcoal bbq with oven you can bring more of barbeque feel in everyday meals: your usual roasted chicken will be crunchier on the outside while potatoes will have more of that intensive, smoky smell and taste. Built in charcoal bbq with pizza oven will let you enjoy in true-to-the-bone barbeque flavoured pizza in the comfort of your dinning room. The secret of the built in charcoal bbq with oven being so successful in recreating those famous natural flavours is first of all the motorised rotisserie. By rotating the food at 360 degrees, it is roasted evenly, which results in more convincing flavours. Charcoal lighting heater is also an important factor in keeping the food`s natural juices. To fully recreate an outdoor barbeque feel, choose a portable charcoal bbq oven, which can be occasionally moved outside.

built in charcoal bbq with ovenWith portable charcoal bbq oven there are no worries about the weather

With portable charcoal bbq oven there`s no need to wait for the perfect weather to organize a nice, friendly barbecue. Since it`s fully mobile, you can easily place it under the roof of a terrace in case of rain, and simply continue with food preparation. The built-in charcoal bbq with oven produces much less build-up smoke than an open-grill, and this way it is fully protected from temperature falls or unfavourable wind. However, portable charcoal bbq oven should naturally be stored in a dry place, ideally a non-passable corner when turned on. Finally, our portable charcoal bbq oven are equipped with stainless steel cavity for more durability, easy cleaning and maximum hygiene – now you`re enabled to enjoy your favourite barbeque meals without the excessive cleaning.

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