Building speed was never so great as with modular solutions

The delivery time was never this short, for practically any type of building. As one of the main benefits, it cannot be overlooked that due to several factors the time from order to realization has been massively decreased. Basically on all fronts the modular building wins over the traditional in terms of process duration. From the design, to the legislation, ground preparation, utilities and construction, all fronts are increasingly efficient. The simultaneous preparation of the construction site and the manufacturing of the pre-fabricated parts is a big win, and in total an estimate thirty tot fifty percent can be saved when going for modular space solutions.

modular solutions

Environmental impact counts more than ever

A flexible layout, ease of maintenance and greatly improved energy efficiency make for amazing bargains on the long run. Not only financial, also environmental savings are greatly valued these days. With vastly decreased numbers of deliveries, work hours, ground work, amount of natural resources needed and potential risk, the general environmental impact is minimized. By manufacturing most components in a controlled environment, less resources are wasted, and no more pollutants are spoiled into soil, air and water during the manufacturing. In areas that are highly sensitive to the impact of construction and human interference, without exception a pre made modular building is brought into the plans to minimize the general footprint. Modular environmental space solutions take into account both peoples needs and environmental sustainability.

With production plants close to the sources of base materials, less transportation is needed between source of material and final project. Delivering the nearly finished buildings to the construction site saves a great amount of specialists needed on site, therefore saving even more traffic, transportation and parking needs. The quality control that happens mostly at the factory ensures for tighter tolerances and again less traffic around the constructions site, also fewer delays occur due to virtually diminished need of corrections in the building process on site.

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Modular solutions are the future

As the benefits of modular buildings are greatly outweighing those of traditionally built ones, the demand is ever growing. The long months, if not years, in dusty construction sites are over now that sustainable alternatives are widely available. It is seen as the modern revolution in building, as the ease of modification and expansion accommodates the ever growing need of modern companies, institutes and organizations. Weather it is private, public or governmental, all parties benefit from modern construction solutions.

When thinking of modular solutions, one can imagine a wide variety of applications, especially when it comes to commercial property. With fast growing and changing needs, the demand for modular structural solutions has vastly grown. Companies and institutions can now choose modular reusable buildings for almost every situation, and they have all the reasons to do so. In contrast to traditional building methods, the pre-fabricated ones are often a great solution with consideration to the environment. Even after an unmatched lifespan, the structural components are reusable and therefore a more sustainable use of resources is achieved. Now is the time to choose wisely, choose modular space solutions.

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