Boot cleaner equipment helps to prevent contaminations

We all know the importance of a proper hygiene and its impact on our lives. Not to mention in highly professional environments, such as hospitals and certain industrial and production areas, where personal hygiene is of utmost importance and should be always considered very seriously and meticulously implemented into work routine. Nieros hygiene stations guarantee optimal personnel hygiene at the production entry and exit points, which is crucial in a wide array of industries, food processing in particular.

Designed for both handwashing and footwear cleaning purposes, they include automatic hand disinfection units, a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drip-off zone for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear, and finally, a turnstile control system. While hand disinfection units include automatic dosing system and rubber edges, protecting the illuminated chamber, a turnstile-controlled passage ensures that it is only possible to enter the sensitive production areas with one’s hands properly cleaned.

In many areas and professions, hygiene station stands play a very important role. A hygiene station is a perfect solution for any environment that demands optimal personal hygiene.

Nieros designs automatic hand disinfection units and vertical brushes for cleaning and sanitizing footwear, that will fit even the smallest production lines. If we have a limited space, we should think about a hygiene station with both units, rather than separate footwear and hand cleaning station. For example, hygiene Station URK is a single lane hygiene station. This model is appropriate for production lines with limited space, and it is very easy-to-use and very affordable. It allows from 10 to 15 person to go through the entry point per minute. In their offer we can also find many highly efficient dual-lane walk-through stations that double the access frequency from 20 to 30 person per minute and they allow two person to use it simultaneously. Nonetheless, if we choose a model that includes both units, for hands and feet, or separately hand and boot wash station, Nieros assures an optimal hygiene standards. Being highly efficient, easy to maintain, quick to proceed and cost-effective, their high-quality stainless steel hygiene stations are a valuable asset to any business.

Boot wash station


Boot wash stations

Nieros boot wash stations are modular and variable, so they can be integrated into various hygiene station stands. They complement the measures that guarantee the prevention of contamination and multiplication of dangerous microorganisms. Integrated hand and boot wash stations, must always guarantee sufficient hygiene of the hands and boots that come in touch with contaminated objects. Their goal is to always properly wash and disinfect.


Boot cleaner equipment

Boot cleaners can be a perfect solution for all production areas where clean footwear is of highest importance.

Nieros footwear cleaning machines ensure fast and efficient cleaning of footwear, either upon entering or leaving the production area. They are highly efficient, easy-to-use, quick to proceed, cost-effective, designed with an automatic dosage of sanitizer and have a hygienic design with smooth surface finish and adjustable height. Their brushes are easy to change with no tools needed.

Nieros boot wash stations for sale are available in different cleaning-line lengths and with different types of brushes to clean either the soles and the sides or the entire footwear, depending on our production specifics. They ensure an easy and thorough boot cleaning while keeping energy consumption at a minimum.

Nieros Boot Cleaner DR V can be activated with a push button. It enables the user to adjust the cleaning process, depending on the level of dirt. The device can be used as an individual unit, or it can be combined with Nieros hygiene Stations HC, HC XL, URK or DR. Three vertical rotating brushes, sprayed with sanitizer ensure a quick and easy clean of the boot edges. It is available in two versions of vertical brushes that differ in height, for cleaning different styles of footwear.

Industrial boot cleaner



Industrial boot cleaners

While sole cleaners come with horizontal brushes, activated with the push of a button, industrial boot cleners have height-adjustable vertical brushes that thoroughly clean both sides of each boot. Not only that, some models have a hand brush for manual footwear cleaning. Yet, the most efficient by far is the combination of a footwear cleaning station and additional disinfection unit for cleaning and sanitizing both the soles and sides of the boots.


Boot dryers

Nieros Boot dryers are designed for storing, drying and sanitization of all types of boots and shoes. They reduce moisture and eliminate any unpleasant odour, leaving the footwear ready for professional use. Boots are placed on round tubes from which the air is exhausted. Ozonator is added as an option. The generator produces ozone, which sanitizes the footwear. Ozone not only kills bacteria but also neutralizes bad odour in the footwear. After 25 minutes the ozone decomposes into oxygen.

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