Bohinj Slovenia activities and best things to do in the National Park

Bohinj Slovenia is a beautiful alpine valley with a lake, many natural beauties, hiking spots, and a rich cultural tradition. It is also known for its local delicacies and various events. At the Bohinj tourist office in Ribčev Laz, you can book a guided adventure to the Savica Waterfall. On this traditional hike along the lake, you will also see many cultural and natural sights in the Bohinj National Park. You can also rent a bike and strike out on an unforgettable journey through the Bohinj Slovenia landscape. Cycling is one of the best Bohinj things to do as there are 15 different cycling tours around the lake, villages and hilly landscape. You can also take an organized family day trip to the countryside with farms and ranches in the villages near the lake. At the Bohinj tourist office, you can book a special package for active family holidays that includes accommodation and various Bohinj activities for the whole family. There are many Bohinj things to do in the summer and autumn months since various events and festivals take place in Bohinj Slovenia. Among them is an Ethno Weekend, Bohinj night, Cheese and wine festival and Traditional Cow’s Ball.

Bohinj tourist office

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