Bohinj is a beautiful place with many activity choices

Spend your holidays in Bohinj

Bohinj Valley is famous by Sloveniaˈ s largest natural fresh water lake, named Lake Bohinj, and is located on the brink of Triglav national park, right in the heart of Julian Alps.

We are talking about a 20 km long and 5 km wide basin, positioned in the Upper Carniola region of northwestern Slovenia, which consists of the Lower and Upper Valley, Ukanc or Lake Basin and Nomenj Basin and is bounded by the Komarča wall on one, and Soteska Canyon at the other end. On the south side it is bordered with the Lower Bohinj Mountain Range, while in the east, between the Jelovica and Pokljuka plateaus, there is a canyon of the Sava River. To the north, we can find the Slovenia’s highest mountain, Mount Triglav.

This natural treasure of preserved unspoilt nature, offers an ideal destination for all the nature and outdoor activities lovers. There is a lot of opportunities for water and winter sports, fishing, horse riding, paragliding, mountaineering, cycling and much more. The whole Bohinj area is intercepted with many hiking trails leading to nearby peaks, amongst them, a 2864 m high Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia, so it can be a perfect starting point for hiking. If you want to enjoy a breath taking view of the valley with the lake, there is a gondola that will take you to Mount Vogel, also a famous winter skiing resort, with exclusively natural snow.

The distance from Ljubljana airport to Bohinj is just about 70 km and the journey takes only 1h and 15min.

Bohinj things to do

Bohinj started to open for tourists years ago. Over time it has become a starting point for tourists that go on a day trips, hiking and taking the trails that run throughout the valley, mountaineering and climbing tours. During the summer, Lake Bohinj attracts swimmers, while the Sava Bohinjka River, kayakers and fishermen as well. In winter the valley changes into a winter sports centre for skiers, snowboarders, ice climbers etc.

There are quite a few events happening in Bohinj area throughout the year. Kravji bal (Cow Ball), is probobly the most famous one. It takes place on the third weekend of September and is held in Bohinj since 1954. This event celebrates the return of the local shepherds and their cattle, after a long summer on the pastures of the Julian Alps. But there are many more traditional events worth seeing. If you are visiting in time, you can also visit their local Summer Music Festival, Wild Flower Festival, Cheese & Wine Festival, Rural Wedding in Bohinj, Vasovanje, Bo Fejst, Midsummer night in Bohinj, Kanal Festival, Hiking Festival, Fishing Festival, Steelmen Triathlon, The Ironworks Festival and many other sports, cultural, and entertainment events.

One of waterfall in Bohinj - Slavica

Hiking Bohinj

As already said, the Bohinj area offers quite some hiking tours worth consideration. You can choose guided and consequently payable options, or take them alone and are for free, in which case you must always study some hiking guides or maps, to prevent getting lost, or worse. Never forget that for an inexperienced hiker Alps can be very unpredictable or even dangerous.

Bohinj restaurants

For a taste of Bohinj local cuisine, we recommend visiting one of the many great restaurants with the Bohinjsko/from Bohinj certificate that have been recognized for serving products originating exclusively from this area. In Bohinj, you will not have a hard time finding a good one.

If you just want to silence the unexpected hunger attack in the middle of the day, you can find some cheap eats at the bars Foksner, Na Rju or Hideout Cafe Bohinj.

Pri hrvatu, Pizzeria Pr’Kosnik, Restavracija Majerca or Pr’ Pristavc are reasonably priced traditional restaurants, and can never be a wrong choice.

If you wish to try a truly typical local cuisine, you can visit a restaurant Strud’l, Gostilna Danica, Pension Resje Restaurant or Gostilna Rupa.

For all that have no particular wishes and just want to have a great lunch, we reccomend Restaurant Triglav Bohinj, Koča na Vojah, Picerija Ukanc or Pri Hrvatu.

Bohinj bike rental

The “Park & Experience Nature!” project in Bohinj aims to introduce comprehensive environmentally – friendly mobility that will contribute to the preservation of our only national park and enable a genuine experience of nature. Within this project, the area has established some rental stations, where you can rent trekking bikes with additional equipment (helmets, locks and child seats).

These stations are Agencija Hike&Bike in Bohinjska Bistrica, Center TNP Bohinj in Stara Fužina and  TIC Bohinj in Ribčev Laz.

Besides them, there are also some other rentals like Alpinsport in Ribčev Laz, Sport4fun in Bohinjska Bistrica (near camp Danica), Pac Sports in Ribčev Laz, LD Turizem in Bohinjska Bistrica and Souvenir Shop Pošta pr’ jeteru in Ribčev Laz.

Rent a bike to go around Bohinj

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