Bohinj apartments are suitable for any kind of tourist

Accomodations in Bohinj

Many visitors fall in love with beautiful lake Bled, not knowing about another, even more beautiful lake, just 26km to the southwest. Lake Bohinj, the largest and most beautiful freshwater lake in Slovenia, is a lot less crowded and more pristine, famous by its deep emerald waters and unspoiled wild surrounding nature.

Bohinj apartments are a perfect choice for all the tourists that like to be independent, free to enjoy their holiday their own way, cook their own meals, wake up, come and go when and as they please, and so on. Holiday apartments Slovenia

The little Slovenia is blessed with uniquely diverse landscape, and is one of the rare countries in the world, where you can see the Pannonian Plane, the Mediterranean climate, the Karst and the Alps. It is one of the best places for renting a holiday apartment. Holiday apartments Slovenia can be find as private apartments in all Slovenian regions. They guarantee a very best value for spent money.

A beautiful area of Bohinj offers more than 2,000 private beds, situated in rooms, rental apartments, holiday homes and pensions, but naturally, the far most popular ones are apartments near the Bohinj lake. Most private apartments in Bohinj have the best basic standard. Usually, they have a kitchen or kitchenette, a TV and a private parking. We can choose between the ones that include towels and bedding, the ones without and the ones with a terrace or a balcony.

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