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It is necessary to respect  hygiene regulations in every branch and Nieros hygiene solutions allow you to have the optimal results with a balance of resources. Hygiene solutions are an important part of every production process, and are also crucial in respecting the standards related to safety and hygiene regulations. It is vital to secure the workers and the processes from health risks, connected to toxic chemicals, biological risks and damaging physical agents. It is necessary to use the appropriate hygiene solutions so that technically and financially the sustainability and regularity of the business are assured. Nieros has developed hygiene solutions that help and support businesses in setting up the procedures, processes and work-chains on the ground, while we also provide advice and consulting on any issue related to hygiene solution, which you might need clarifications on.

Our advanced hygiene technologies make us market leaders for the field

Nieros has developed advanced hygiene technologies that excel in innovative and sustainable solutions. It is necessary to note that any hygiene technology used in your company will importantly define the results that you achieve. Hygiene technologies are related to workplace risks and stresses and can ultimately result in sickness, health damages or discomfort that workers experience. Therefore, it is vital to address these risks before the production starts. Nieros has developed technologies, based on extensive field experience and customer feedback from all over the world. We offer the solutions that respect your production standards and optimize resources while paying full attention to possible risks. The priorities are optimization of the working process and the health of your workers. The ultimate aim of our hygiene technologies is to identify risks and eliminate any possibility of dangers and hazards through methodical and systematic hygiene solutions. Notably for food hygiene, there are some legal provisions of the European Union and some national laws and regulations that apply. There are specific hygiene rules for each industry and each step of the production chain. Hygiene standard scan apply for example to establishments, rooms, mobile or non-permanent premises, equipment, waste, water supply, personal hygiene, wrapping and packaging, heat treatment and training. To make sure you comply with all the standards and conditions needed, we will be happy to assist you with any queries and questions. Our experts will treat your request individually and provide you with a personalized solution.

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200 years as hygiene equipment manufacturers and hygiene equipment suppliers

Our tradition goes back over 200 years and extensive references of our activity as hygiene equipment manufacturers and hygiene equipment suppliers have gained us the trust of clients from all over the world. Awareness of the importance of the industrial hygiene goes back into the antiquity, when it was already recognised that only a clean environment can be productive and encouraging. The development of crafts and industrial production in the Middle Ages, brought even more need to regulate hygienic conditions in plants and guilds. Especially heavy industries, such as mining, were affected. Nieros has developed from an plant, which was originally involved in iron production, so our tradition is based on longstanding bases. We place great value in people and respecting the workers’ health and wellbeing, therefore we have developed modern, modular and variable hygiene solutions for your working plants and processes. It is especially important to eliminate risks, related to among other things, microorganisms. Their presence  can affect industrial hygiene negatively not only because they are invisible to the naked eye as an individual organism. This makes it difficult to spot before a large number have matured, for example, when mould has formed on the bread. Prevention is therefore considerably more difficult, but vital to protect your products, working processes and resources.  Microorganisms are everywhere in our environment, spreading through multiple transmission paths. Therefore, be sure to consult our experts for hygiene solutions eliminating risks of microorganisms which are problematic for occupational hygiene. Especially the bacteria that affect hygiene in the workplace have two main properties, firstly the ability to cause diseases in humans and secondly being able to spoil food.

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Choose among the industrial hygiene equipment presented on our website

All of the models of our industrial hygiene equipment are presented on our website. You will find extensive descriptions, including technical details and photos, of hygiene stations and footwear cleaning systems, as well as hand-washing stations and equipment cleaning solutions, to name but a few. Even if you don’t work in the industries where microorganisms have the favourable conditions for growth and reproduction, assuring clean and safe environment if essential. Besides choosing the right hygiene solutions, awareness raising plays a major role. It is very important for employees to develop an understanding of what a highly sensitive field of activity they are working in.  Besides information it is also vital to plan all of the stages of production process fully to eliminate all risks. We will gladly help you with this and invite you to contact us.


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