Automated material handling systems are for warehouse management

Automated material handling system helps to manage, simplify production operations, increase productivity, prevent or at least reduce workplace injuries. Transport, manual or automated warehouse systems, food processing lines, material handling devices are produced from materials which can be thoroughly cleaned so highest hygiene standards can be met. All intralogistic and material handling operations like food cutting, transport, labelling, storage ensure smooth, optimized cargo flow in compliance with high standards IFS, NSF, HACCP. All our automated material handling systems are fully customized so they suit client’s requirements, needs. Every system is designed with our experts’ support. We offer its implementation, after sales support to all our clients. Optimized performance of every automated logistic system means time-effective, cost-effective production.

Automated material handling system helps with logistic transport of different material

Automated material handling systems have been designed for various industries. They are modular so they can easily be integrated with our hygiene or industrial washing units. Automated transport systems enable optimized materials flow with transporting, handling different cargo, along the production line. They can be horizontal or vertical, depends on client’s specific needs. We produce two kinds of transporters: for handling, packaging material like crates, pallets, boxes, IBC containers and for handling various other products. For packaging material whether full or empty, shortest, quickest flow in the production area has to be designed and installed. Transport lines use available space by organizing conveyors in many levels, following ergonomic principles, high hygiene standards. Product transporters have been developed for handling fruit, vegetables, meat, other raw material, packed products. Designed to guarantee maximum profit with minimum labour they offer better comfort, work is simplified, productivity is increased. Transporters have stainless steel construction which is strong, sturdy, long lasting, easy to maintain. It is very easy to clean so it can comply with high hygiene standards IFS, NSF, HACCP. Customized solutions suit all clients need so effective production performance is guaranteed. Modular transport systems permit: combining different transport line elements, choose conveyor belt sizes, materials, adjusting movement speed, adjust number and height of transport levels. They have digital control, additional automated functions for superior performance of client’s production operation.

Automated material handling system Nieros

Food processing lines are a part of automated material handling system

Food processing systems need to be cost effective, time effective so they can ensure smooth cargo flow through different phases with minimum waste. Delicate products need to be handled with great care in order to comply with high quality standards, hygiene standards such as IFS, NSF, HACCP. We offer solutions that effectively meet the need of processing lines for meat, poultry, seafood, fish, bakery, diary, fruit, vegetables and many more. All our solutions have been made in the house, they can be fully customized to meet client’s needs and quality requirements. Their benefits are: ergonomic design, work simplification, labour cost reduction, high capacity, performance optimization, easy cleaning or maintenance. Our automated material handling equipment offers solutions for tipping, tilting, lifting, transporting loads of different weight, sizes. Working conditions are easier, safer with material handling equipment, productivity and workflow is increased. Economical management and humanization of work operations are enabled with our equipment in various industries. All material handling equipment is made from stainless steel to insure easy cleaning, long-lasting use. Because of our high-quality material handling equipment, we are strongly present on the global market. We are known as trustworthy reliable supplier of high quality products made from stainless steel. Our fully customized solutions conform to high safety, hygienic standards like IFS, NSF, HACCP.

Automated material handling system is used in industrial storage facilities

Warehouse management systems are operated manually or automatically. They are easy to use, have ergonomic design and facilitate work tasks to boost productivity. Because storage area is well planned, organized with advanced technology, it’s very easy to clean. That is the reason, hygiene conditions are significantly improved. Industrial storage systems provide quick, easy organization of empty or full crates, pallets, cartons, boxes, other cargo. Customized solutions help organize storehouse so every item can be always easily traceable and accessible. Because we are fully aware about importance of economical use of time and space, all our warehouses operate on FIFO principle. First in, first out method ensures easy handling, maximum product quality. Warehouse management system provides storing equipment in a way that space gets used best. You can choose between gravitational, pick and place, automated warehouse management system. Which is most suitable for client’s warehouse depends on its capacity, available space, type of products which will be stored in warehouse. Gravitational warehouse management system is designed for small spaces with limited space. It is manual or half automated, designed for moving full crates, pallets. Pick and place management system is fully automated, designed for spaces with small capacity, for heavy duty loads. Fully automated warehouse management system has been designed for big spaces. Multiple entry and exit point are monitored by RFID destination tracking which features accurate simple order picking on first in, first out principle.

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