Automated conveyor systems are vital parts of many industries

A conveyor system is a piece of mechanical handling equipment, used for moving the materials from one location to another, fundamental especially in applications that deal with the transport of heavy or bulky materials. Industrial conveyor systems can perform quick and efficient transport of a broad spectrum of different materials, which makes them part and parcel for many material handling and packaging industries.

Automated conveyor systems can be totally adapted to the specific production line and industry branch. Understanding uniqueness of every single business, besides their standard pieces, Nieros develops completely personalised solutions and offers advising in the field of the choosing the conveyor system, best fitted to certain needs.

All of their standard automated conveyor systems are produced using only top quality materials and are famous by their compact designs, making them applicable in practically any type of industry. Every item that company produces has been developed based on years of field experience, and has undergone extensive testing to ensure optimum performance.Material handling devices

The companyˈ s great priority is the development of innovative products and inventing solutions that successfully meet their customers’ challenges, which is one of the main reasons why they became one of the most important conveyor system manufacturers in this part of the world. With their great technological knowledge, they are capable to develop new solutions on an ongoing basis. Due to their investment in only state-of-the-art technology and carefully picked employees, contributing with their knowledge, professional approach hand enthusiasm, their products are always modern in design, highly functional, and of the very best quality.

Material handling conveyors

Different types of material handling conveyors represent economic solutions for production processes in many industries and a big help in reducing work processes, diminishing workplace injuries and improving productivity. This kind of industrial conveyor systems are usually modular units, ready to be integrated in any part of the production process. They are also flexible, as they support combinations of different transport line elements, and offer a choice of a number of transported elements, movement speed, and height of the transport levels adjustment.

The best and most used ones are continuous conveyors with an endless belt as a supporting and pulling element. Besides them Nieros also designs steel belt conveyors (marked by a thin steel strip, if necessary coated with rubber or plastic) and plastic link ones (with a band of plastic modules joined into a unit). All of the mentioned can be used for bulk material as well as general cargo.

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