A cartridge heater is used for industrial heating purposes

Its unique manufacturing form makes it perfect for industrial heating usage. Cartridge heaters are mostly found in straight cylindrical shapes. But the shape is not restricted to the tube shape. These cartridges are also available in other different shapes. The purpose of making different versions of cartridge heaters mostly in a cylindrical shape is that it can easily slide into the holes.

Different densities of the operation of an electric cartridge heater make it the first choice of the industrial men. They choose it for they use it for various purposes by adjusting their temperature from low to high densities. We pass alternating current through the coil to heat the resistance wire, which is a crucial cartridge heater element. The heat energy obtained by this process is then transferred through the wire. The first designation of this heat energy is a metal sheath, and then it spreads to the surrounding area.

Before buying any cartridge heater, make sure what density of cartridge heater you need or want to buy. Low voltage cartridge heaters are available at a lower price than high voltage heaters. Decide what you want and need to buy and then make a deal.

Cartrige heaters

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